Recently Matt Heafy of Trivium joined up with Metal Injection for their Livecast.  Matt talked all things from the band’s upcoming album, to his favorite foods, to handing out some advice to young bands.   You can listen to the full 2 hour long podcast here.

During the conversation Matt teased fans with bits of info on the new album- the title will start with a vowel, and has potential to be out this August.  Matt went on to say that the band’s “…been writing this same record for a year and a half. We demoed it for eight months… [but] when we actually started the record, it took us about three months or so of tracking and it’s gonna take maybe two months to mix, and Colin and the team are working on that right now.”

It turns out it’s not just the music that has been in the works for a while now- the album’s cover art has also been in the making for about a year.   Matt says “There’s a bunch of different people involved with all the different stages of the art, but we’re not releasing it yet.  We have everything, yes, but we can’t give any of it out.”   We’re looking forward to it!