475_80x80Madam Adam
Artist: Madam Adam
Release Date: April 5, 2011

South Carolina’s Madam Adam is a band that comes off as remarkably earnest and genuine-equal parts melody and intensity-like because its main inspiration is real, down-to-earth rock music. The band has taken cues from ‘70’s AM rock, Seattle grunge and even jazz theory. Their debut album is full of driving rock tracks – led by the first single “Sex Ain’t Love”

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01. Sex Ain’t Love [ Play Track listen/comment ]
02. Fall From Grace
03. These Are The Days
04. The Story Of Us
05. Forgotten
06. Drugs
07. Wicked
08. Best Shot At A Love Song
09. Rewind
10. The Art Of Lying
11. San Francisco
12. Secret
13. Silence